Our team

Dr. Salem Itani


Eng. Dr. Salem Itani - Chairman & CEO of touch Lebanon, Telecom Leader and Crisis Management Expert

As Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of touch - a Telecom leader and crisis management expert - Salem Itani is an accomplished Telecom executive with over 23 years’ experience in Technology Management and Operations.


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Rula Abu Daher

Rula Abu Daher - Chief Corporate Management Officer

Apart from constantly accumulating achievements, Rula Abu Daher, the Chief Corporate Management Officer (CCMO) at touch, is one of the most charismatic, hardworking, and high achieving business women in the telecom sector.

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Dr. Ali Yassin

Dr. Ali Yassin - Chief Operations Officer 
As the Chief Operations Officer at touch, Ali Yassin is both diligent and committed to his profession. His expertise in telecommunications has assisted businesses in maximizing performance, problem solving, improving quality of service, and enhancing network optimization. 


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Jawad Nakad

Jawad Nakad - Chief Commercial Officer


Jawad Nakad was appointed Chief Commercial Officer of touch, effective July 2022. In parallel, Jawad was also assigned in 2020 member of the Board of Directors of touch reporting to the Republic of Lebanon. He has a proven track record in planning and advising on touch’s technology, vision, strategy and execution.

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Hassan Dhaini

Hassan Dhaini - Chief Information and Security Officer
Recognized as a development specialist in his field, Hassan Dhaini counts over 24 years of diverse and challenging experiences in telecommunication. 

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Rami Bteddini

Rami Bteddini - Chief Human Resources Officer

For over 27 years of cumulative experience, Rami Bteddini has been a noteworthy leader in the finance space, driven by his strong managerial, communication and leadership skills. His strengths extend to accounting, human resources, procurement, tax reconciliation, budget preparation, project management, regulatory and financial reporting and analysis.

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