Corporate Offer

Corporate Offer is a special pricing scheme based on different discounts and personalized services tailored to organizations with more than 5 corporate postpaid lines.
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 30% discount on all administrative transactions
  • 10% discount on Mobile Media (SMS Broadcast)
  • Free postpaid lines and free transfers from prepaid to postpaid
  • Short code dialing (4-digits extension)
  • A large bouquet of free features: Star Package, Voice Mail and optional Car-Kit (up to two) with waived programming fees.
Price Plans
  • ”Corporate Offer 1” entitles companies with 5 to 20 touch postpaid lines to a 10% discount on all touch charges.
  • “Corporate Offer 2” entitles companies with 21 to 50 touch postpaid lines a 15% discount on all touch charges.
  • “Corporate Offer 3” entitles companies with 51+ touch postpaid lines to a 20% discount on all touch charges.
Discounted On-Net rates: customers will get an additional 35% discount when calling other members of the same company (On-Net Calls).
For more information, contact our Corporate Sales team on +9613 792099, email



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