Billing Channels & Cycles

Bill settlement channels

Billing cycles and charges

As a new customer, you will be assigned one of two billing cycles: cycle 1 or cycle 2. 
  • Cycle 1 ends on the 15th of every month (midnight).
  • Cycle 2 ends on the last day of every calendar month (midnight).
Invoices are issued on a monthly basis including:
  • Subscription fees [line and any extra service(s)] are billed 1 month in advance.
  • Usage charges are billed for the same period during which they were incurred.  
  • Prorated charges when you add or change a service. 
Example: the invoice for a line with the following details would amount to $15.35
  • Line activated on April 10. 
  • Set to billing cycle 1. 
  • Subscribed to the Star package ($1.67/month) on April 13. 
  • Incurred call charges worth $6 between April 10 and 15. 
  • Invoice details:

    Advance subscription fees
    From April 16 till May 15 (line subscription): $5
    From April 16 till May 15 (star package subscription): $1.67
    Prorated subscription fees 
    From April 10 to April 15 (line subscription): $1 ($5 x 6/30)
    From April 13 to April 15 (star package subscription): $0.167 ($1.67 x 3/30)
    Usage charges
    From April 10 to 15: $6

    Sub Total:  $13.83
    VAT (11%): $1.52
    Total:           $15.35

Need to Know

  • Upon receipt of the Payment Notification SMS, make sure to settle your invoice within 24 hours to avoid line disconnection.
  • If invoice is unpaid, the line will be partially disconnected (i.e. cannot make calls, can receive calls) for 10 days after which it will be completely disconnected (cannot make nor receive calls) for 20 days.  If the unpaid dues are still not settled, the line will be switched to Pre-deactive status for 45 days after which it will be deactived.
  • A $4 fee (VAT Excluded) applies whenever reconnecting a line from Suspend or Pre-deactive status.
  • Upon reactivating a line from Deactive status, line fees apply.  

Useful tips 

  • Download the touch self-care app and monitor your usage on-the-go. At anytime, you can either dial 114 ($0.14/call) or send an SMS ($0.07/SMS) to 114 including the word "Bill" to get an update on your usage. 
  • Send an SMS (free of charge) to 1180 for data consumption checking and to 1100 for bundle consumption checking.
  • Keep an eye on the High Usage SMS sent by touch whenever you approach your line consumption limit.
  • For an online copy of your invoice, sign in and benefit from the free e-bill notification service, or visit any of our service centers.



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