With the University Student Plan from touch, cover all your communications needs whether on or off campus! 

The Plan
Local Minutes On Campus Minutes Minutes to 2
Preferred Numbers
Internet Whatsapp Local SMS Validity Price/Month
60 180 300 5 GB 300 MB 440 30 days $5
Special Discounts*
International Student Identity Card
32% discount

* Subject to change without prior notice

The below table summarizes all the stages of the line: 
Validity Period (30 days) Recharge Only period (10 days) Deactivation
  • Make & receive calls/SMS
  • Activate/subscribe to any service
  • Recharge with magic prepaid vouchers or through Credit Transfer
  • Bundle is automatically renewed on day 30 (12:00 a.m.) if credit is available, or else the line enters the Recharge Only stage
  • Bundled minutes, SMS and MBs are not accumulated upon renewal
  • Can receive calls and SMS
  • Cannot make calls and send SMS 
  • Credit remains
  • Bundled minutes, SMS and MBs will expire
  • Can use activated services when applicable except for data (will be put on hold until bundle’s renewal)
  • Bundle will be auto-renewed upon recharge
  • Recharge with magic prepaid vouchers 
Line is deactivated
Some useful numbers
  • To recharge your card or to get useful information on your line’s services, recharge options and new offers: Dial 1344.
  • To recharge: Dial *200*xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (14-digit secret code)# and press "OK" (free of charge).
  • To view the last 3 activities: Dial *210# and press "OK" (free of charge).
  • To check the account balance and validity: Dial *220# and press "OK" (free of charge).

Need to Know 

1. Subscription: 
  • Please refer to your university for eligibility then subscribe through the touch app (you need to have the latest app version).
  • Only magic lines can switch to the student plan through touch app.
  • A minimum amount of $5 is required to perform the transfer, any remaining credit will remain as is however the validity will be reset to 30 days & all services will be deactivated. 

2. Bundled minutes and SMS are for local usage only. They exclude calling or texting shortcodes, which will be deducted from your line credit balance.

3. Data consumption: When subscribed to the Student Plan, you can still activate any WhatsApp bundle, Daily Data bundle (1 day, 2 days or7 days), Social Data bundle, and any High Speed Internet (HSI) plan. Active data plans on the line will be consumed successively: 
  • First the Whatsapp bundle MB  
  • Followed by the student plan WhatsApp MB
  • Followed by Social Data bundle MB 
  • Followed by the Daily Data bundles MB
  • Followed by the student plan internet GB 
  • Followed by HSI MB
  • And Finally Pay As You Go usage ($0.01/MB)
4. Preferred numbers management: The two preferred numbers (touch or another local number) can either be added or changed once each per bundle validity period; as follows: 
  • To set new preferred numbers: dial *721* 8-digit number# 
  • To change preferred numbers: dial *722* 8-digit new preferred number*8-digit old preferred number# 
  • To check registered preferred numbers: dial *723# 
  • To delete preferred numbers: dial *724* 8-digit number# 

5. Student Plan can be switched to magic, however note that any remaining credit, validity or activated services will not be transferred to the new plan.

6. Student Plan holders can switch from/to magic once every 30 days.

7. Eligible students should be up to 25 years old.






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