Corporate Sustainability

touch’s Corporate Sustainability program Positive touch is inspired from a vision that entails the bettering of the lives of Lebanese people across the country through innovatively enhancing multiple facets of their lives. Beyond ensuring corporate self-regulation within the boundaries of ethicality and the law, it aims to create positive change, allowing touch to play its role as an active and integral part of the Lebanese community. 

Positive touch is inspired by innovation, technology and an endless spectrum of opportunities. More importantly however is the positive mindset that hovers over this program, and the wide doorway it opens towards novelty, philanthropy and creativity. Positive touch is a program through which NGOs become partners and where new projects are born. These partnerships should inspire sustainable projects that are guaranteed to have a positive impact.

Positive touch has five main pillars from which all projects and initiatives stem: Health, Education, Environment, Women Empowerment and Youth & Innovation.

Operating in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner allows touch to demonstrate our shared values and social license within the Lebanese community. Supporting entrepreneurial projects, creating funds for those in need and seeking effective environmental solutions are only some examples of these efforts.



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