Roaming Tips

Selecting a mobile network

With your handset, you can select your roaming network either automatically or manually. The default setting is usually fixed to automatic and it connects your phone to the strongest roaming partner signal within reach.  
Handset compatibility

touch’s network operates on the 900 frequency band. If you are roaming on 1800/1900 or iDEN frequency band, please make sure your handset supports the frequency of the network.


Calling or sending a message

While abroad, if you want to dial or SMS a Lebanese number, make sure to add 00961 first. However, when dialing or texting a number in the country you are roaming in, there is no need to add the international dialing code of that country.
Call barring when abroad (postpaid)

Barring All Incoming Calls (BAIC) while roaming allows you to control your expenses using a 4-digit barring password. The default barring password is 0000 and we strongly recommend you change it.

BAIC Activation:

  • Press *351*Password# SEND

BAIC Deactivation:

  • Press #351*Password#SEND

To change your password:

  • Press **03*330*Old Password*New Password*New Password#SEND
Recharging when abroad (prepaid)

To keep your line from running out of credit, remember that you can:

  • Recharge through USSD command. Simply dial *200*14-digit secret code# then press ok or *40* 14-digit secret code# then press ok (free of charge, if USSD command is supported by roaming network). 
  • Recharge through PIN recharge or e-Recharge. 
  • Have a friend recharge your line via 3rd party recharge.
  • Have a friend send you credit via Credit Transfer. 
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