Daily Data

Internet starting $0.1 only!


With the Daily Data Bundles from touch, never run out of MBs again!  
Internet  Validity Price (USD) Activation Code
20 MB 2 hours 0.1 HD2
50 MB 6 hours 0.2 HD6
50 MB 1 day 0.34 DD
200 MB 2 days 0.67 DD2
700 MB 4 days 1.34 DD4
1 GB 7 days 2.34 WD

Need to Know

1. To subscribe to a Daily Data Bundle:
- Send “HD2” (2 hours), HD6 (6 hours), “DD” (1 day),"DD2" (2 days), "DD4" (4 days) or "WD" (7 days) by SMS to 1188.
- Or download the touch self-care app mobile (go to My Services).
2. To check your remaining MBs and time of deactivation:
- Dial *230#.
- Or download the touch self-care app (go to Current Balance).
3. When subscribed to any Daily Data bundle, you can still activate any WhatsApp bundle, Social Data Bundle, Web & Talk bundle or HSI simultaneously.  
4. Active data plans on the line will be consumed successively:
-First the WhatsApp MB 
-Followed by Social Data MB
-Followed by 2 Hours Data MB, 6 Hours Data MB, Daily Data MB or 2 Days Data MB or 4 Days Data MB or 7 Days Data MB.
-Followed by Web & Talk MB
-And finally HSI MB
5. The bundle is not auto-renewed: Once the validity period is reached, it will be automatically deactivated. Weekly Data, Daily Data and 2 Days Data bundles cannot be activated simultaneously.
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