My Plan

For the first time in Lebanon, you can customize your postpaid line the way you want with MyPlan!

Simply combine any bundle of local minutes and SMS, in addition to the already existing internet offers, to manage your spending by including only what you need and save up to 45%.

The Bundles

Voice Bundles Voice 1 Voice 2 Voice 3  Voice  4 (NEW)
Local minutes 200 400 600 1500
Price/Month (USD) $14 $24 $36 $90


 SMS Bundles  SMS 1  SMS 2  SMS 3
 Local SMS  30  50  70
 Price/Month (USD)  $2  $3  $4

Need to know

  1. To subscribe to any MyPlan bundle:
    • Call 111
    • Send an SMS to 1100 with the code of the desired bundle (free of charge) 
      Example: Send “V1” to 1100 to subscribe to “Voice 1” bundle, “V2” to subscribe to “Voice 2” bundle, etc. and send “S1” to 1100 subscribe to “SMS 1 ”bundle, “S2” to subscribe to “SMS2” bundle, etc.  
    • Or download our mobile app and go to My Services 
  2. To check your remaining minutes and SMS:
    • Call 111
    • Send “C” to 1100 (free of charge)
    • Or download our mobile app and go to Current Balance
  3. To deactivate a Voice or SMS bundle: send “DV” or “DS” to 1100 respectively. The bundle will be fully charged to your monthly bill and the deactivation will take effect at the end of the billing cycle.
  4. To switch between bundles, subscribe to the new bundle of your choice by SMS or by calling 111 and it will be applied at the beginning of your billing cycle. 
  5. Bundled minutes and SMS can be used to all local networks (mobile or fixed lines).
  6. Subscription to the bundle(s) will be automatically renewed every billing cycle.
  7. All unused minutes and SMS will not be carried over to the following month.
  8. Minutes exceeding your Voice bundle will cost $0.16/min.
  9. SMS exceeding your SMS bundle will cost $0.14/SMS.
  10. The postpaid line monthly fee ($15) applies to all MyPlan bundles.

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