Inaugural Riyada Youth Innovation Summer Program hosted at touch Lab Program looks to promote social entrepreneurship through innovative educational initiatives

Inaugural Riyada Youth Innovation Summer Program hosted at touch Lab.
Program looks to promote social entrepreneurship through innovative educational initiatives.
Beirut - July 20, 2017: touch, the leading mobile operator in Lebanon, managed by Zain Group, announces its hosting of Riyada’s inaugural Youth Innovation Summer Program at touch Lab in downtown Beirut between July 17 and July 28. Riyada is a community changer that focuses on planting the seed of social entrepreneurship in the youth through innovative educational programs, with this special event being held under the Summer of Innovation initiative directed by his Excellency Prime Minister Saad Hariri.
The program exposed a group of participants, aged between 15 and 21, to social entrepreneurship in a project-based and hands-on manner, where they were asked to develop a mobile application to solve a real social problem related to one of the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The program ultimately aims to transform the youth into social innovators who can utilize technology and entrepreneurship to make the world a better place. The participants were taught various soft, technical and creative skills that will help hone more innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets.
Commenting on this educational initiative, Emre Gurkan Chief Executive Officer of touch said, “Young people in communities around the world are the driving force of economies and supporting their ideas will help better shape our future. touch’s corporate sustainability and social responsibility program, Positive touch, is a strong advocate for the utilization of technology to help drive innovative ideas forward with the goal of communal development. Riyada’s program combines youth, innovation and entrepreneurship - giving birth to a culture of social innovation and the encouragement of young people in Lebanon to take control of their destinies”. 
Gurkan continued, “touch has already embarked on a transformational journey to become a digital communications provider within the next three years. Its aim is to enrich the experiences of its customers and simplify everyday life with digitized communications tools. This transformation will in turn help Lebanon realize its digital potential.”
The founder of Riyada, Mona Itani, commented: “We truly value touch’s partnership in this program. Our message and endeavors are strengthened and resonate much better with the youth when technology leaders such as touch show their support and commitment to social innovation. We hope that we will have future collaborations with touch to spread awareness about the importance of technology in social entrepreneurship for creating a better future and solving social problems in our community.”
Finding common ground to create positive change, touch partnered with Riyada for Social Innovation as a social enterprise aimed at promoting social entrepreneurship using technology through education programs, corporate training, and consulting. 



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