Touch launches Vinli Bringing the advanced connected car solution in Lebanon

Touch launches Vinli, Bringing the advanced connected car solution in Lebanon

Beirut, December 21, 2016: touch, the leading mobile provider in Lebanon, managed by Zain Group, announced the availability of Vinli offers in all its service centers. The partnership with Vinli will bring in-car Wi-Fi, cloud-based connected car apps, and advanced safety services to vehicles in Lebanon today.
While most smart car solutions are built into premium new models, touch’s offering with Vinli is simple: an adapter that plugs into virtually any vehicle’s OBD-II port to connect any car to touch 4.5G Advanced high-speed internet. Passengers can then enjoy a wide choice of applications and integrations from Vinli such as car diagnostics and maintenance, vehicle locator and theft alert, driver monitoring, family locator, etc. These applications can operate together, depending on the customer’s preferences and needs, giving every driver the custom connected car experience they want. Vinli’s connected-car solution works by connecting the car to the touch 4.5G Advanced network so that the passengers have immediate access to information, anytime, anywhere. The one-time setup fee for this service is $160, with monthly data packages that include 1GB for $9 or 7GB for $24. 
Commenting on this project, Mrs. Lara Haddad, Vice Chairman at touch said, “touch’s vision of bringing the world of IoT (Internet of Things) to Lebanon is coming to life every day, and premiering the connected car solution is a testament to that.  Vinli is the strategic partner to build a proven value proposition that demonstrates relevance to our market, catering to both end consumers and businesses. "
By partnering with Vinli, touch brings yet another innovative and successful service to Lebanon. After all, the company aspires to ensure that the Lebanese consumer is getting the best in the world of telecommunications technology, and is transitioned seamlessly into the fascinating world of IoT.


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