Green Success

While it’s easy for companies to make environmental pledges, implementation remains a different story.  touch believes that actions speak louder than words; that’s how our previous and constantly renewed environmental activities speak of our environmental compliance.

Below are examples of the best  touch environmental practices so far.


The Scratch Cards Collection Campaign
Aimed at recycling scratch cards, a campaign was launched in summer 2007 to collect used recharge cards in return for a financial reward. Customers were urged to collect 10 used scratch cards and return them to  touch in return for a $10 credit. The Scratch Cards Collection Campaign allowed  touch to collect and recycle 61,329 scratch cards, the equivalent of 190 kg of plastic waste within 1 day, thereby reducing the environmental hazard that would have been inevitable had the cards been disposed regularly. 


Caps Collection
In collaboration with a Lebanese NGO,  touch encouraged its employees to engage in a national campaign for the collection of plastic bottle caps. The initiative aimed at raising public awareness about the sorting out of solid wastes, the reduction of pollution and the protection of the Environment. Caps were sold to a recycling company for proper recycling noting that every 500,000 caps collected will allow the purchase of a wheelchair to be donated to individuals with special needs.


Pollution Prevention
In coordination with the Ministry of Telecommunication,  touch is in the process of replacing oversized and obsolete generators as well as installing diesel particulate filters on all needed sites. Also, the operator installed carbon filters to clean up generators emissions and trays underneath diesel containers to avoid any diesel leakage and soil contamination in most GSM sites.


Corporate Green Logo & Slogan
To further involve its employees in green initiatives,  touch encouraged them to partake in a creative contest to come up with an environmental slogan and logo that well represent the company’s environmental commitment. The winning slogan and logo are now used in all our internal communication and various environmental activities.

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