Request for Proposal 

Bid # Bid Area Title Description Invitiation Start Date* Submission Closing Date* Contact details
COS-21-00003 Commercial USIM Provide MIC2 with USIM production and supply 27-Jan-21 1-Mar-21 Click here
COS-21-00002 Commercial Customer Premises Equipment Provide MIC2 with routers and MIFI production and supply 18-Jan-21 16-Mar-21 Click here
TNM-21-00004 Technical Mobile Station Repair at Beirut Port Complete repair of mobile station that was damaged at Beirut Port 16-Feb-21 4-Mar-21 Click here
TNM-21-00001 Technical Aluminum and Glazing for MIC2 HQ Facades

a. Dismantling all current aluminum system and glass and implementing a new one

b. Replacing the damaged aluminum and glass with the current system and maintaining the whole building facades

17-Feb-21 15-Apr-21 Click here
TNM-21-00002 Technical MIC2 HQ Building Internal Fit-out Damages repair in MIC2 HQ buildings (complete internal fit-out including civil work, carpet and curtains, wood work, electro-mechanical) 19-Feb-21 19-May-21 Click here
TNM-21-00003 Technical Furniture Repair at MIC2 HQ Damaged furniture repair and replacement in MIC2 HQ buildings including chairs, tables and desks 20-Feb-21 13-Apr-21 Click here
IVA-21-00001 IT Unified Messaging Solution UMS Supply of UMS platform to be hosted in MIC2 virtual environment 26-Mar-21 10-May-21 Click here
FAD-21-00007 Finance & Administration Fleet Maintenance RFQ Fleet maintenance and repair for MIC2 vehicles 13-April-21 12-Jul-21 Click here
FAT-21-00001 Finance & Administration Money Collection Provide Money Collection Services 16-Apr-21 18-May-21 Click here
CMO-21-00001 Operations Assets Management Provide Turnkey Solution covering sequentially the implementation of the Assets Management Platform as well as the Physical Inventory Count 28-Apr-21 12-Aug-21 Click here
FAD-21-00005 Finance & Administration Cleaning and Janitorial Services Outsourcing qualified staff for Cleaning and Janitorial Services to work at its all premises through the territory of the Republic of Lebanon 12-May-21 22-Jun-21 Click here
FAD-21-00004 Finance & Administration Transportation Services Professional provider for equipment's transportation services all through the territory of the Republic of Lebanon 17-May-21 17-Jun-21 Click here
FAD-21-00002 Finance & Administration Customs Clearance Providing services for the Clearance of telecom equipment and other consignments arriving into lebanon, on behalf of MIC2 17-May-21 21-Jun-21 Click here
FAD-21-00009 Finance & Administration Motor All Risk and Compulsory Insurance Provide insurance for Motor All Risk and Compulsory Insurance of MIC2 vehicles 1-Jun-21 13-Sep-21 Click here
COS-21-00006 Commercial SIM Packaging RFQ Purchasing of SIM Packaging 14-Jul-21  27-Jul-21 Click here
ISS-21-00001 IT Storage RFP  Purchase of storage following the Beirut Port Explosion on 4 August 2020 that affected seriously MIC2 old Data Center 16-July-21 24-Aug-21 Click here
TNI-21-00007 Technical Core Sites Infrastructure Enhancement RFP

MIC2 is planning to acquire a Turnkey Solution covering sequentially the implementation of the below systems and works in all MIC2's five core sites:




-Firefighting System

-Civil works

-Electrical works

14-Aug-21 1-Nov-21 Click here
FIC-21-00011 Finance & Administration Assets Insurance RFP Provide insurance coverage for MIC2 assets 30-Nov-21 18-Jan-22 Click here
HRE-21-00001 Human Resources Medical, Workmen Compensation, Life Insurance RFQ Provide Medical, Workmen Compensation, and Life insurance coverage for MIC2 employees and dependants 11-Dec-21 22-Dec-21 Click here
CCB-21-00004 Corporate Services Auction to sell A2P International SMS Auction to sell A2P international SMS 22-Dec-21 18-Jan-22 Click here
COS-21-00007 Commercial Payment Gateway RFQ Provide MIC2 with Payment Gateway Solution 23-Dec-21 11-Jan-22 Click here
IAE-22-00001 IT Mobile Application Support and Maintenance Mobile Application Support and Maintenance  15-Mar-22 29-Mar-22 Click here
ISS-22-00001 IT Oracle Hardware Support Renewal  Oracle Hardware Support Renewal 15-Mar-22 29-Mar-22 Click here
ISS-22-00002 IT Veritas Support Renewal Veritas Support Renewal 15-Mar-22 29-Mar-22 Click here
FRF-22-00003 Finance Fraud Management System RFP Supply of Fraud Management as SaaS (Software as a Service) 23-May-22 13-Jun-22 Click here
ISS-22-00003 IT IT accessories Supply of IT accessories 23-May-22 31-May-22 Click here


* MIC2 reserve the right upon its sole discretion to suspend, cancel or amend the request for proposal process at any time and for any reason, with no liability whatsoever on MIC2 for taking such action.


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