Request for Proposal 

Bid # Bid Area Title Description Invitiation Start Date* Submission Closing Date* Contact details
IVA-21-00001 IT Unified Messaging Solution UMS Supply of UMS platform to be hosted in MIC2 virtual environment 26-Mar-21 10-May-21 Click here
TNI-22-00003 Technical Supply of Towers RFQ BoQ (Relocation of Dismantled & to be dismantled sites) / Supply of Towers 19-Jul-22 15-Aug-22 Click here
IIS-23-00005 IT OCR and Data Cleaning Solution RFP Supply of Data Entry (OCR/ICR), Validation and Integrity 4-Jul-23 11-Sep-23 Click here
FRF-23-00008  Finance & Administration Fraud Management System RFP (Cancelled) Supply of Fraud Management as full turnkey solution including Hardware and SaaS (Software as a Service) 26-Jul-23 14-Sep-23 Click here
COR-23-00001 Commercial Roaming Enablers RFP MIC2 intends to renew its signaling SS7, SIGTRAN, ANSI conversion, GRX/IPX and P2P SMS Contracts through getting Offers from Global Carriers with relevant experience 12-Sep-23 19-Dec-23 Click here
FPR-23-00014 Finance Tax Advisory and Compliance Services RFP Purchase of Tax Advisory and Compliance Services 13-Oct-23 30-Nov-23 Click here
ISS-23-00008 IT Storage Infrastructure Replace or Upgrade RFP (Cancelled) Replace or Upgrade the Storage Infrastructure Equipment in MIC2 9-Nov-23 16-May-24 Click here
TNI-23-00010 Technical Shamaa Site Fiber RFP Implement Fiber Optic Links with all the related Civil Works, supply and installation of needed equipment 13-Nov-23 18-Jan-24 Click here
IIS-23-00013 IT EDR - EPS RFP Provide an advanced end point detection and response security solution 13-Nov-23 30-Jan-24 Click here
IEA-23-00012 IT Website and Mobile App RFP The main objective of the new solution is to have a state of the art solution enhancing the digital transformation era and be able to respond quickly to the dynamic market change 29-Nov-23 18-Jan-24 Click here
IAG-23-00016 IT LTE Sim Cards RFP (Cancelled) Production and Supply of LTE Sim Cards 29-Nov-23 21-Dec-23 Click here
FAD-23-00015 Finance Security and Guarding Services for touch Premises and Core Sites RFP Provide Security and Guarding Services for touch Premises and Core Sites 13-Dec-23 16-Jan-24 Click here
TNI-23-00007 Technical Infrastructure Works and Telecom Implementations RFP Infrastructure Works and Telecom Implementations in MIC2 sites RFP 14-Dec-23 26-Feb-24 Click here
ISS-23-00015 IT HP Hardware Support Services RFP Purchase HP Hardware Back to Back support services whenever applicable or otherwise local HP Hardware support services for the equipment 8-Jan-24 30-Jan-24 Click here
TCR-23-00012 Technical DNS RFP DNS Modernization RFP 8-Jan-24 7-Mar-24 Click here
IIS-23-00007 IT Firewalls Replacement RFP Purchase of 6 Firewalls for 3 Core Sites 9-Jan-24 26-Mar-24 Click here
TRP-23-00013 Technical Drive Test Tools RFP The drive test tool solution shall support 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies and their corresponding brands and frequencies 10-Jan-24 18-Apr-24 Click here
TNQ-23-00014 Technical Benchmark Tool RFP Implementation of Benchmark Tool Solution 10-Jan-24 18-Apr-24 Click here
ISS-23-00014 IT IBM Lenovo Support RFP Purchase Back to Back Hardware Support Services for the Equipment 15-Jan-24 8-Feb-24 Click here
COB-24-00001 Corporate Management Payment Gateway Solution RFP Online and POS Payment Solution 1-Feb-24 On Hold Click here
FAD-24-00001 Finance Motor All Risk and Compulsory Insurance RFP Insurance coverage for MIC2 Motor All Risk and Compulsory 1-Feb-24 4-Mar-24 Click here
FIC-24-00002 Finance Assets Insurance RFP 2024 Insurance for Property-All Risk, Erection-All Risk, Public Liability and Political Violence 21-Feb-24 19-Mar-24 Click here
TNM-24-00003 Technical Diesel Supply RFP Purchase and delivery of diesel for MIC2 RSCs, HQ and Switches 27-Feb-24 25-Apr-24 Click here
TNI-24-00001 Technical Cell on Wheel (COW) RFP Purchase of 6 Cell on Wheel (COW) 1-Mar-24 29-Apr-24 Click here
TNI-24-00004 Technical Dekwaneh Warehouse Renovation RFP Renovation Works needed for Dekwaneh Warehouse 1-Mar-24 29-Apr-24 Click here
IAG-24-00003 IT LTE Sim Cards RFP 2024 Production and Supply of LTE Sim Cards 25-Apr-24 14-May-24 Click here
COS-24-00003 Commercial International A2P SMS Tender 2024 Handle the A2P international SMS traffic termination into MIC2's network 14-May-24 16-Jul-24 Click here
TNI-24-00002 Technical Public Auction for MIC2 مزايدة عمومية لبيع سيارات  مستعملة وبطاريات ومولدات ديزل (خردة)  16-May-24 11-Jun-24 Click here
ISS-24-00001 IT Exadata Machine and Oracle Licenses RFP Provide Oracle Hardware and Software including Professional Services, in addition to maintenance and support to the proposed solution 28-May-24 2-Jul-24 Click here


* MIC2 reserve the right upon its sole discretion to suspend, cancel or amend the request for proposal process at any time and for any reason, with no liability whatsoever on MIC2 for taking such action.


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