Touch is offering lawyers a specially tailored plan!
All Beirut and Tripoli Bar Association lawyers can benefit from discounts up to 35% with the Lawyers Offer on postpaid lines.
Benefits include:
  • 20% discount on monthly subscription fee
  • 20% discount on basic services
  • 20% discount on local calls and SMS
  • 20% discount on internet subscription fees
  • 35% discount on calls and SMS between the "Lawyers Offer" subscribers
Service Tariff
Monthly subscription fee $12
Minute rate between Lawyers Offer subscribers $0.072
Local minute rate $0.088
SMS rate between Lawyers Offer subscribers $0.033
Local SMS rate $0.04
Missed Call SMS notification $0.8 
Star Package $4
HS1 - 500 MB* $8 
HS2 - 1.75 GB* $15.2
HS3 - 6 GB* $20.8
HS4 - 10 GB* $26.4
HS5 - 20 GB* $31.2
HS6 - 30 GB* $39.2
HS7 - 40 GB* $47.2
HS8 - 60 GB* $55.2 
HS9 - 100 GB* $87.2
 *No discount on extra MB tariff for data bundles.

This offer is only valid for postpaid lines and can be applied to any current or new line.

Need to know

To apply for the Lawyers Offer, kindly visit touch service centers along with the following documents:
  • Beirut or North Bar Association ID 
  • Lebanese ID or passport 
  • Eligibility certificate signed by the president of the Bar Association
Only 1 Lawyer postpaid line is allowed per Bar Association ID. 

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