Samme3ni RBT

Let your callers know how you feel!

With the new "Samme3ni" Ring Back Tone (RBT) service from touch, replace the standard call connecting tone your callers usually hear with a variety of options. Choose what best reflects your mood from music (Arabic, English, French and Armenian) to jokes or even poems.
Upon purchasing a tone, you can select whether a friend or all your callers will hear it when they call you. You can also offer your touch contacts a "Samme3ni" tone for their callers to enjoy!


Dial 1001, purchase a tone and "Samme3ni" will be automatically activated on your line. You can then assign it to one or several numbers.

Or you can copy a tone when calling someone (B party) who is already subscribed to “Samme3ni”. Just press the star key (*) to activate the tone you hear on your line. Note that if the B party is subscribed to the CLIR service, copying the tone is not possible. 

Need to Know

  • Purchased tones are valid for 30 days and will be automatically renewed at expiry date. You will receive a notification SMS two days prior to renewal, as well as on the day of renewal. You can always delete a tone at any time from your library by dialing 1001.
  • If you're a prepaid user and after 30 days you don't have enough balance or your line is in the grace period, your tone will remain active for 10 more days and the system will keep attempting to renew your tone subscription during that period, after that the tone will be deactivated.
  • The "Samme3ni" service will be deactivated when all tones are deleted or when you request to deactivate it by sending "delete” to 1412 (free of charge).
  • If you are a prepaid user, during the grace period you can dial 1001 and manage your account but purchasing tones is not possible. 


Activity Price
Cost of a "Samme3ni" tone                                   $0.24/month
1001 call cost (excluding the local minute rate) $0.30/minute

Prices are based on Sayrafa rate and exclude taxes for postpaid.


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