Touch’s awareness campaign to provide treatment to CCCL

Touch’s awareness campaign to provide treatment to CCCL Children receives strong backing from social media activists
#touchgivesback campaign attracts 16,000 tweets within 14 days only

Beirut, August 8, 2014: In just two weeks, the great collaboration between the leading mobile operator managed by Zain, touch, and its local community, customers, partners and employees along with the Children’s Cancer Center Lebanon (CCCL) and public figures, has had a tremendous impact on the #touchgivesback campaign initiated by touch during the month of Ramadan to provide treatment to two children from the center. This drive has achieved 16,000 tweets that supported touch in its life-saving campaign to fund the treatments of two children suffering from cancer!

“I would like to thank the touch social media community and all those who contributed to the treatment of the CCCL through this successful #touchgivesback viral campaign on social media. The act of giving back is largely endorsed by the public, and what really distinguished our campaign is the remarkable level of solidarity shown by social media activists and users with this noble humanitarian cause, represented by the support for the CCCL children” commented touch’s GM and Vice Chairman, Wassim Mansour, adding that “We are mostly pleased with achieving our main goal behind this initiative by allowing our customers active on social media to contribute in our Corporate Social Responsibility drive and help in providing treatment to the CCCL children”.

The Director General of the Children’s Cancer Center, Mrs. Hana Shuaib, thanked touch for “this significant initiative contributing to an interactive communication between social media users, touch and the children of CCCL, thus helping to raise awareness about the Center’s mission and to raise funds.”
It is noteworthy that the awareness campaign launched by touch is part of its several activities and initiatives implemented during the month of Ramadan, and is inspired by the values of sharing and giving back of this holy month.

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