Touch jump starts the New Year with a green initiative

Beirut, 17th of January 2013: touch, the leading mobile telecommunications operator in Lebanon managed by Zain, inaugurated its activities for this year with a distinguished green initiative, as its employees and managers planted 100 wild evergreens (Oak, fir trees…) in Baabda’s protected forest, in cooperation with Terre Liban association. This protected area, with all its greenery and health benefits, stands as a home to hundreds of various birds and plants. Worth mentioning that Baabda forest was chosen because it is the only remaining forest in Lebanon close to the city.

The Chief Financial Officer of touch, Mr. Charbel Cordahi, stated: “We are very pleased to launch our new year with an initiative that focuses on preserving and widening green areas in Lebanon; an essential element for many Beirut suburbs that seem to gradually lose their green space more day by day. On this occasion, we wish to salute all the touch employees for their efforts and their highly efficient participation in our campaign. Our cooperation with Terre Liban will progress and we will announce our upcoming activities in due time.”

This initiative complements touch’s move last year to restructure its archives, implement waste management technology, and recycle organic material such as wood, and artificial material such as plastics, in all of its offices and remote service centers throughout Lebanon.

The primary results of this environment-friendly strategy proved to be highly encouraging. More than 20 tons of paper have been recycled, which contributes to minimizing various environmental damages. With this environmental policy, touch also saved 373 additional trees, thus contributing in the reduction of carbon dioxide emission by nearly 20,000 kilograms.


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