Touch employees’ social commitment as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

Touch employees’ social commitment as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy:

200 children as guests of honor in touch annual employees’ iftar

Beirut July 25, 2014: Since Zain Group handled the management of touch in 2004, the leading mobile telecommunications company in Lebanon has worked on fulfilling an innovative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) vision, as inherent part of its day-to-day strategic corporate policy. Over the past decade, CSR has grown to integrate touch employees’ commitment towards the local community, through carefully thought-out initiatives within the company’s internal volunteering program.

In line with this engagement, 200 children aged between 5 and 12 years old from Al Mabarrat Association and Sidon Orphan Welfare Society were invited, as guests of honor, to share the annual touch employee Iftar in BIEL, reflecting an extraordinary spirit of true devotion and joy. Prior to the Iftar, the children took part in a special educational and entertainment program. The company’s internal volunteering program also included several other initiatives in July involving touch employees, such as the summer camp activities, hosting 100 kids at the Maison Saint Vincent Orphanage, supported by touch for the third consecutive year.

The Vice Chairman and General Manager of touch, Wassim Mansour, pointed out that "Our staff passion to offer our clients and society only the best drives them to keep on engaging in local development opportunities.

This enthusiasm is shown through our employees’ commitment in well-considered community programs implemented by the company’s internal volunteering program. We are convinced that spreading our CSR values starts with touch family involvement in the society in which we operate, before extending touch support as a company to our local partners, including community stakeholders, experts, NGOs, local and international organizations and academic institutions.”

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