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Emre Gurkan

Emre Gurkan - Chief Executive Officer - touch Lebanon


Emre Gurkan, was appointed CEO of touch in April 2017. He is a seasoned telecommunications executive with over 25 years of experience in international ICT, telecom and management consulting sectors working with global telecom operators and media companies across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Africa. His strengths extend to corporate strategy, digital and business transformation, mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing and optimization as well as marketing, sales and driving customer-centric operating cultures.

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Rula Abu Daher

Rula Abu Daher - Chief Corporate Management Officer

Apart from constantly accumulating achievements, Rula Abu Daher, the Chief Corporate Management Officer (CCMO) at touch, is one of the most charismatic, hardworking, and high achieving business women in the telecom sector.

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Charbel Cordahi

Charbel Cordahi - Chief Financial Officer


Charbel Cordahi is touch’s Chief Financial Officer, with over 15 years of blue chip professional and transnational experience spanning Lebanon, Europe, and the GCC.


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Hassan Dhaini

Hassan Dhaini - Chief Information and Security Officer
Recognized as a development specialist in his field, Hassan Dhaini counts over 24 years of diverse and challenging experiences in telecommunication. 

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Lara Haddad

Lara Haddad - Chief Communication Officer

Lara Haddad was appointed Chief Communications Officer of touch, effective April 2017.As part of touch’s executive management team, Lara oversees all the operator’s strategic Corporate, Digital, and Internal Communications, Sponsorships and Event Management as well as Corporate Sustainability initiatives.

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Salem Itani

Salem Y. Itani - Chief Technical Officer 


Salem Itani has dedicated his professional life to managing telecom and information technology. Throughout the past seventeen years, he has demonstrated strong technical and commercial skills as well as extensive expertise in product development and innovation, technology solutions design, strategic planning, programs and projects management, and operations management.  

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Nadim Khater

Nadim Khater - Chief Commercial Officer

Armed with excellent communication and management skills, Nadim Khater, the Chief Commercial Officer  (CCO) at touch, enjoys a 360° approach of the telecom industry, from both technical and business angles. Khater has a thick and diversified portfolio behind him, the outcome of over 5 years of consultancy and 7 years of operational work in Telecoms.

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Nour Shebaro

Nour Shebaro - Chief Human Resources Officer

Nour Shebaro is the Chief Human Resources Officer at touch, with over 26 years of professional experience.

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Ali Yassin

Ali Yassin - Chief Operations Officer 
As the Chief Operations Officer at touch, Ali Yassin is both diligent and committed to his profession. His expertise in telecommunications has assisted businesses in maximizing performance, problem solving, improving quality of service, and enhancing network optimization. 


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