Ali Yassin

Ali Yassin - Chief Operations Officer 
As the Chief Operations Officer at touch, Ali Yassin is both diligent and committed to his profession. His expertise in telecommunications has assisted businesses in maximizing performance, problem solving, improving quality of service, and enhancing network optimization. 
Prior to joining touch, Yassin was Deputy General Manager for Technical and Transmission Affairs at Tele Liban between 2015 to 2017. He worked on various projects optimizing analogue and digital broadcasting, online streaming, and rendering improved Internet service, to name a few. 
Yassin is also a published author of numerous journals, scholarly book chapters, and conference papers. He has worked as a researcher at the American University of Beirut, with his interests lying primarily in the evolution of Millimeter Waves, 5G, Simultaneous localization and Mapping techniques, and Cognitive Networks.
As a promising graduate from the American University of Beirut, Ali Yassin earned from AUB a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (B.E), a Master’s of Engineering degree (M.E.), and a Ph.D. in Communication Systems. In addition, he holds minor degrees in Networking and Security, Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics.    
Yassin owes his perseverance to his insatiable dedication to this field. He has earned a high level of integrity through this proficiency in technology. 

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