Care Line

Care Line, a customized prepaid plan from touch to the members of the Lebanese Order of Physicians, Order of Nurses & Dental Association in Lebanon!
The line allows its members to benefit from special rates on local minutes, SMS and internet, and conveniently control their expenses.
Care Line Offers
  Minutes SMS Internet Validity Bundle Fee
Care Line Business 180 300 3GB 30 Days  $20
Care Line Pro 240 240 5GB 30 Days  $35

The below table summarizes all stages of the line:

Validity Period (30days) Recharge Only Period (10days) Deactivation
  • Make & receive calls/SMS
  • Activate/subscribe to any service 
  • Recharge with magic prepaid vouchers (except the $5 credit only voucher) or through Credit Transfer
  • Bundle is automatically renewed on day 30 (12:00am) if credit is available, or else the line enters the Recharge Only stage
  • Bundled minutes, SMS and MBs are not accumulated upon renewal 
  • Can receive calls & SMS
  • Cannot make calls & send SMS
  • Credit remains
  • Bundled minutes, SMS and MBs will expire
  • Can use activated services when applicable except for data (will be put on hold until bundle’s renewal date)
  • Bundle will be auto-renewed upon recharge
  • Recharge with magic prepaid vouchers
Line is deactivated
How to subscribe
New Care Line:
  • Customers should visit any of touch service centers/POPs, present their personal ID and their profession ID.

Existing prepaid customers migrating to a Care Line:
  • Customers should visit any of touch service centers/POP, present their personal ID, their profession ID and their touch prepaid sim card.

Eligible customers are entitled to 1 Care Line (Care Line Pro or Care Line Business).
Some useful numbers
  • To recharge: Dial *200* xxxxxxxxxxxx (14-digit secret code)# and press "OK" (free of charge)
  • To view the last 3 activities: Dial *210# and press "OK" (free of charge)
  • To check the account balance, bundle details and validity: Dial *220# and press "OK" (free of charge)
  • To check your current profile's plan: Send "prof" or "profile" to 1144 (free of charge)  

Need to know

  1. Switching plans:
    - Magic, Start, Smart and Super line holders can switch to Care Line at touch service centers/POPs (the line will lose all active services and validity will be reset to 30 days while the balance remains the same)
    - Care Lines cannot switch between Care Line Pro & Care Line Business nor to other prepaid profiles
  2. Data consumption:
    Active data plans on the line will be consumed successively: first Whatsapp bundle MB, followed by the Care Line internet GB, followed by HSI MB and finally Pay As You Go usage ($0.08/MB)
  3. Bundled minutes and SMS are for local usage only. They exclude calling or texting short codes, which will be deducted from the line credit balance.
  4. The above Care Line offers are valid till end of year 2021.



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