In today's environment, connectivity is an intrinsic part of our lives. It is a key to enhancing productivity and powering performance. 
Blackberry from touch gives you the opportunity to be always tuned into your business and personal network at all times.

Three different packages are available to suit your requirements: BlackBerry® Social, BlackBerry® Complete, and BlackBerry® Internet Service. 
Internet Service
BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Yes Yes Yes
BlackBerry Mail (user@touchleb.blackberry.com) Yes Yes Yes
BlackBerry built-in Social Networking Apps (Facebook & Twitter) Yes Yes Yes
Internet Browsing Yes Yes Yes
BlackBerry App World  Yes Yes Yes

BlackBerry built-in Instant Messaging Apps
(Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, etc.)

No Yes Yes
Email Addresses (yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) No 1 10
BlackBerry® 10 smartphones require a High Speed Internet 4G-3.9G connection
Once the service is activated, you can setup your email account directly from your Smartphone or by visiting www.touchleb.blackberry.com
As a subscriber, you can also enjoy BlackBerry® while roaming if you have ‘Roaming Access’ activated. Note when using the service abroad, you will be charged as per the visited operator’s data roaming tariffs. 


  • Pass by any of our Service Centers.
  • Contact our Customer Care on 111 free of charge.
  • Login to "my touch" and manage your account online.

Note that it is recommended that the deactivation is made 24 hours prior to the closing of your line's billing cycle to avoid incurring additional service charges.

  • Send an SMS with the short code of your desired package to 1188:
  • BlackBerry® Internet Service             BIS or BIS1
  • BlackBerry® Complete                      BBC
  • BlackBerry® Social                            BBS
  • Login to "my touch" and manage your account online.
You can change or renew your subscription when you reach your consumption limit or when the service expires.
Postpaid and prepaid customers can check their consumption by sending “CBB” to 1180 or by registering to our website.
To know more about the BlackBerry® solution for corporations, click here.


High Speed Internet 3.9G | 4.5G

Residential Broadband 4G | 4.5G