Charbel Cordahi

Charbel Cordahi is touch’s Chief Financial Officer, with over 15 years of blue chip professional and transnational experience spanning Lebanon, Europe, and the GCC.
Cordahi began his career overseeing Financial Planning and Market Research at Bemo Bank in Lebanon. In 2001, he took on a new role as a Researcher, Economist at GATE CNRS in France. In 2006, he relocated to the UAE and was appointed as a Senior Financial Advisor at Bin Sagar Group.
In January 2008, Cordahi begun work as Bank Economist and Senior Principal of Investor Relations at Al Khalij Commercial Bank (Al Khaliji) Q.S.C. in Qatar, where he had additional duties as Company and Board Secretary of Al Khaliji France S.A. He subsequently joined the touch family in March 2012.
Aside from his professional experience, Cordahi has an impressive academic record. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Master’s in Industrial Management from Saint Joseph University (Lebanon). Cordahi received an MBA from ESA Business School (Lebanon) and ESCP Europe (France), and a Master’s in International Finance from Lyon 2 University and EM Lyon School of Management (France). He also holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Lumière Lyon 2 University in France. 
Cordahi has been teaching economics and finance since 1997, and has published several articles in English, Arabic and French, in addition to giving regular speeches and radio and TV interviews on macroeconomic and financial topics. 

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